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  • • Keep slamming into a brick wall trying to build your WordPress sites and Silos manually?
  • • Struggle to get enough organic traffic to your website?
  • • Waste hours roaming the Internet to find relevant content for your niche?
  • • Rely on nothing but Google Keyword Planner for your keyword ideas?
  • • Try (and fail) to come up with enough relevant long tail keywords to achieve real success online?

If Any of That Sounds Familiar, then Take Heart
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some amazing website stats using ICC Keyworkz

more amazing website stats using ICC Keyworkz

Those are real stats from some of our blogs after using ICC KEYWORKZ to SILO out the websites with traffic-getting keywords.

showing some income we received from our online marketing

Dominating any niche online is far simpler than you would imagine -- if you've got the right tools.

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I Make a Good Living Online...
But It Wasn't Always Like This.

I know how awful it is to feel like no matter what you try, no matter how hard you work, nothing seems to take off with your website.

It's disappointing, frustrating, upsetting. It's what makes most people give up before they ever achieve the success they crave.

But it doesn't have to be that way. Not for you. Give me just two minutes of your time and I'll show you exactly what I mean.

But first, let me introduce myself... my name is Hugh Hitchcock.

I am a musician turned programmer turned Internet marketer and software creator. It's been a wild ride, with plenty of ups and downs, but I'm humbled to say I'm now making a very comfortable living online.

I know from experience what it's like to worry that you'll never make it online... to sweat the end of every month because bills are due... to hope and wish and pray you'll have just enough to squeak by till your next paycheck.


Just thinking back on those days (and they weren't so long ago) makes me sick to my stomach.

It's not a fun place to be. Not at all.

And that's why there's nothing I love more than helping people who are right where I was just a few years back smash through roadblocks and achieve success online.

The 2 Questions You MUST Answer Before You Will Ever Start Making the Money You Want Online.

Over the years I've had the privilege of coaching hundreds of people on how to make money online.

During that time folks have asked me loads of questions, but two questions get asked far more than the others (and maybe you've asked them yourself)...


#1 What are the best keywords for my site?
#2 How do I build my site around those keywords for best SEO and traffic optimization?

Those, my friends, are the million dollar questions.

Get the answers right and you could watch your traffic soar, your conversion rates catch fire and your sales curve rocket towards the stratosphere.

Get 'em wrong, and, well... you'll join the ranks of so many others who never scoop up their fair share of the riches waiting to be found online.

You know these people.

They invest a small fortune in time and dollars to building niche sites, blogs, PBNs, eCommerce shops... try as they might (and they DO try) their sites only rank as high as Page 5 or 4 (AKA "The Google Graveyard")... traffic to their websites never rise above a trickle... after a few months, maybe a year or two, they give up and get out.

I don't want you to be in that boat.

I want you to experience the EXCITEMENT of more traffic to your website, more products sold, more AdSense clicks, more email optins, more sales and more money in your pocket!

That's why I created a solution for you to find the best keywords INSTANTLY and create a keyword-based, profit-generating niche site from the ground up in just one click!


Everything happens at the push of a button!

  • Discover a wealth of profitable long tail keywords for your niche with a single click. Each keyword is fully populated with data so you'll see exactly what you need to know at a glance.
  • Drag and drop keywords into your siloed website structure and ICC Keyworkz's powerful content editor will instantly create awesome content that will get your site ranked and grow your audience.
  • INSTANTLY create a monetized, siloed website with a few clicks and make it much easier for Google and other search engines to find you. This will put a jetpack on your website's visibility!
  • Saves website templates with complete structure (including content)in your software's project files so you can recreate, clone or duplicate any site at will. Just imagine the peace-of-mind you'll experience knowing all your hard work is safe and sound.
  • A TRUE one-click solution to siloed website creation.Whip up entire siloed websites in a single click, or add silos to your blog one silo at a time.

Why not pull the trigger and see for yourself if ICC Keyworkz & Silo Factory is everything it's cracked up to be?

There's never been a better time to get started.

That's because not only is your purchase protected with a 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee, but if you act now you can grab your own copy of ICC Keyworkz for the lowest price it will ever be -- ONE TIME PAYMENT --

But you must act quickly. This promotional price is only good through . After that the price is going back up to $197.

Basic (awesome)
ICC Keyworkz & Silo Factory Starter
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ICC Keyworkz & Silo Factory Enterprise
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ICC Keyworkz & Silo Factory Pro
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Imagine finding, filtering and sorting the best keywords and then creating your entire site structure based on those traffic generating keywords.

Your Keyworkz-created websites come complete with categories, posts, pages, menus AND unique, high-quality content.

Adobe Air - Works on Mac and PC.

Every purchase of ICC Keyworkz comes complete with a multi-license key for our powerful companion Wordpress plugin, Silo Factory -- which, when installed on your blogs, allows ICC Keyworkz to manage the structure and content of the blog through its connection with Silo Factory.

So you can effortlessly create and build websites right from your desktop, on multiple blogs from templates that you store inside your ICC Keyworkz database.

And, you can do it again and again on any blog, new or old!

Believe me when I tell you that this software is the FASTEST path to finally making the money you crave online.

Can You Point And Click?
Then You Can Dominate Your Niche.
Here's How.

As you've seen in the demo video above, the ICC Keyworkz system is incredibly powerful.

It's also intuitive and user-friendly.

In fact, my beta testers have been SHOCKED that such a feature-rich, versatile software program is such a breeze to use.

It was designed that way.

Remember, I'm originally a musician... not some MIT-trained computer science braniac.

I wanted ICC Keyworkz & Silo Factory to be a software solution that regular people - folks like you and me - could use straight out of the box to do things like...

  • • Shoot your site straight to the top of Google!
  • • Get fresh, interesting content that keeps visitors engaged!
  • • Save hundreds of hours by effortlessly generating siloed websites!
  • • Convert more of your traffic into sales!
  • • Find the best keywords for traffic instantly!

You'll be creating profit-pulling websites the same day you get started with ICC Keyworkz & Silo Factory... and discovering new ways to make money with it months down the road.

It really does strike a rare balance between functionality and ease-of-use. But don't just take my word for it...

Take a look at what people are saying about ICC Keyworkz and our Site Creation Tools!

"I've been using Hugh's products for a few years now, and loved it when Keyworkz & Silo Factory came along - they are really a one-two punch when it comes to site research, site development, and ultimately for site rankings... I have one web client who is ranking at right at #1 for so many local search terms (over 25) that correspond directly with the menu structure I built with Silo Factory - and that's just one example. Plus I have other sites in development that I'm using the whole Web Dimensions suite of software for curation and am seeing traffic steadily rising - really can't imagine doing it without these wonderful software tools - they just make it so much easier plus they've continued to get better over time!" -- Matthew Shelton

" It does not take long to get hooked on Hugh's products and Keyworkz and Silo factory are no exception. I just purchased another domain and will be using all of his tools to build that site out. His tutorials are easy to understand and will have you up and running in no time. Hugh Hitchcock puts user satisfaction as a top priority. You can rest assured that his software is not only whitehat, but is also updated to meet the changes with search you will not be left out in the cold with a piece of worthless software." -- Dawn Thompson

"I have never missed one of Hugh's products because they simply work smoothly and without fail. I have been online for several years now and sifted through a lot of software's but Hugh's I use and everyday. I always tell people Hugh is one of the top coders in the world. Keyword research was always a struggle for me and because Keyworkz was so easy to understand and use, I finally broke that barrier to progress to a place where I am making big money." -- Robert Stone

Basic (awesome)
ICC Keyworkz & Silo Factory Starter
Pro (best value)
ICC Keyworkz & Silo Factory Enterprise
Standard (amazing)
ICC Keyworkz & Silo Factory Pro
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Why risk your entire business by using other tools?

The majority of tools out there create content automatically -- which results in crappy, spammy gobbledygook stinking up your website that you have very little (if any) actual control over.

And in today's online world, believe me - Google is smart enough to recognize the difference between spammy auto-generated content, and content that "has a heart" (the kind that you create with Keyworkz).

If you've been online for a bit you no doubt remember Google's infamous "Panda" update that first rolled out back in February 2011.

The main mission of Google's Panda update was to single out the many, many websites loaded with keyword-stuffed, junk content and - essentially - make those sites invisible to Google's users.

Sound familiar?

This is the same type of rotten content that oozes out of so many of the keyword and content creation tools on the market. Why would you want that stuff anywhere near your website?

It's simple, really.

If your niche site is populated with pages and pages of thin, low-quality content, then it's only a matter of time before Google slaps you down.

All of your time, effort and investment - smack! - as good as wasted.

Having your site's structure well organized with appropriate content isn't a nice bonus feature for your website; it is essential to ranking well and getting the organic traffic you need to dominate your market online.

And that's just one of the reasons ICC Keyworkz is such a powerful solution and unlike anything currently available.

ICC Keyworkz Price Chart
Basic (awesome)
ICC Keyworkz & Silo Factory Starter
Pro (best value)
ICC Keyworkz & Silo Factory Enterprise
Standard (amazing)
ICC Keyworkz & Silo Factory Pro
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This Is Why ICC Keyworkz & Silo Factory is Unique.
(And Why It's Not For Everyone.)

ICC Keyworkz & Silo Factory will have you up and running with great content - the kind of content that Google loves - in just minutes.
You'll find it easy to create profitable authority and mini sites in every niche under the sun.

And unlike most software on the market, ICC Keyworkz & Silo Factory gives you complete control over exactly what goes onto your website.
With our tools, you'll have the ability to quickly and easily create engaging, interesting content that Google and your users will love -- you see, the process is fully automated, but it takes your input and common sense to get the ball rolling.

Is this more work than a system that runs everything on auto-pilot and churns out millions of words of unreadable drivel?


And if you're looking for that kind of "solution" let me be honest: ICC Keyworkz & Silo Factory will disappoint you.

That's because I'm not shilling the empty promise of a software that will spew out reams of unique, high-quality content without any input from you.

(Sadly, there are lots of providers out there who are still pushing that line. If you want to buy the lie, you won't have to look far to find it.)

'Sorry, friend, but it ain't 2010 anymore -- the content farm days are over.'
You need quantity AND quality if you want to stay on Google's good side and carve out a very profitable niche for yourself online.
ICC Keyworkz gives you both.

Try ICC Keyworkz & Silo Factory Today - At No Risk!

I'm so confident you'll love the way ICC Keyworkz & Silo Factory allows you to...

ICC Keyworkz does all this awesome stuff
and so much more

I want you to try it at absolutely no risk. That's right -- Pick up your copy of this powerful software bundle today. Put it through its paces. Use it for a full 30 days. In the highly unlikely event that it doesn't blow your wildest expectations clean out of the water, simply let me know and I'll issue you a prompt and courteous refund.

Action Takers Get It All Starting at Just $47
ICC Keyworkz Price Chart
Basic (awesome)
ICC Keyworkz & Silo Factory Starter
Pro (best value)
ICC Keyworkz & Silo Factory Enterprise
Standard (amazing)
ICC Keyworkz & Silo Factory Pro

You're going to love the things you can do with your copy of ICC Keyworkz. Order today and dominate your niche!

To your online success,

Hugh J. Hitchcock

Signed, Hugh J. Hitchcock


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